The 10 original Xbox games we want to play on Xbox One

Xbox One X 4K Ultra HD

But it's just possible the company is being insane like a fox.

The difference in hardware between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X consoles are already showing up in rumors. More importantly, the company is pretty excited about who's likely to buy the new device. But one, let's really usher in true 4K where developers don't have to think about, 'Wow, how do we stretch this and make it really work?' We needed to deliver that to consumers. It costs $500 and launches on November 7.

"One of the things I worry about - and I've talked about it a little bit - are the single-player story-driven games". But Microsoft could only hit the specs it targeted by compromising on one critical issue: Profitability. Allow me to explain (and no, it's not because I'm a huge PlayStation fanboy, nor does being the Editor-in-Chief of an independent PlayStation site make me one).

The price of $499 is somehow indicative in this sense, if we consider that the basic model of the Xbox - Xbox One S - now costs nearly half. Spencer alluded to Microsoft's other ways of earning profit through Xbox Live subscriptions and software sales. As a result, the six teraflops of Xbox One X won't be needed. We can't imagine how much space The Witchers and the Final Fantasies of the world are going to to take up once the 4K craze takes hold.

This is designed for the premium gamer that wants the absolute best experience.

If you are a sane person, you are probably asking "WTF WHY?!". The first person shooter was supposed to have released on PCs because no better way to experience such titles except for the keyboard, mouse combo.

Forza 7 is shaping up to be a tremendous showcase for Microsoft and its Xbox One X. Even still, it's great to know that those of us who have been playing Xbox games since the beginning will be able to break out some of the old games again and play them on current hardware. That's because the components required to power the level of graphical fidelity the box offers are expensive.

The console will also be immediately compatible with all existing Xbox One games.

But that's not unusual.

"The money-making part is in selling games".

The company's biggest competition is of course, Sony, who also have a high-end version of their flagship console out there to contend with - the PS4 Pro. Here are the top reasons why we're not buying the Xbox One X.

From where he's sitting, though, that wouldn't be a problem.



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