Senate bill is a gross betrayal

Cruz is one of four GOP senators to say they are opposed to it as written, which could put the measure in immediate jeopardy. "It would raise costs, reduce coverage, roll back protections, and ruin Medicaid as we know it", backing his comment on analyses in the United States media and the Congressional Budget Office's assessment which has projected that the new bill would leave 14 million Americans uninsured the very next year and the figure would reach to 23 million by 2016.

Obama law: Provides two kinds of subsidies for people who don't have access to coverage on the job.

The Senate bill is right to cap federal payments to states for Medicaid beneficiaries, although the details-especially the absurdly long phase-in-are debatable.

ACA: Employer mandate requires larger companies to offer affordable coverage to employees. The Senate Bill, however, eliminated those taxes.

According to one GOP aide, Trump already made a call to Paul, and asked him personally to support the Senate bill days before its release.

An ophthalmologist by training, Paul said he'd like to see the demise of Obamacare regulations barring super-low-cost health-insurance plans.

In order to expand healthcare coverage, Obamacare raised money by imposing two new taxes on the wealthy. The Senate raises that to five times as much. Income-based subsidies help with premiums and with out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles and copayments.

House bill: Subsidies would end in 2020.

But the Senate bill also differs in significant ways.

House GOP bill: Loosens the age restriction so insurers can charge older adults up to 5 times more. The result is likely to be that healthy people leave the market and sick people face much higher premiums.

Heller, who faces a hard re-election fight next year, said he would vote against the bill in its current form but did not rule out supporting a revamped version. People would need to be lower-income than ACA to be eligible.

Obama law: People cannot be denied coverage because of pre-existing medical problems, nor can they be charged more because of poor health.

If Obamacare sought to see that most folk had affordable health insurance, Trumpcare - and that's what it will be known as if it becomes law - tells many of those people to go straight to hell. Now don't be fooled, funding these risk pools and making them effective will not be cheap. States would get $130 billion over 10 years to help sick people.

The Senate bill recommends slowly undoing the Medi-Cal expansion starting in three years, which could ultimately leave 3.9 million Californians without insurance. Hospitals have benefited from higher rates of insured people under Obamacare. Both would radically overhaul Medicaid, effectively ending Medicaid expansion and greatly reducing federal support for the overall program.

In addition, it calls for extra federal funding to be awarded to states for addiction and mental health treatment, services covered by Medicaid. Amount projected to grow more slowly than in House bill, potentially reducing spending.

The Obamacare replacement bill has turned an important corner and, with a few improvements, will hopefully soon be heading for home. Medi-Cal, a joint program between the state and federal governments, was expanded under the Affordable Care Act in 2014. By choking off adequate funding for Medicaid, which now serves about one-fifth of the US population, the A.H.C.A. would constitute "the largest single reduction in a social insurance program in our nation's history", as three health care experts recently wrote in The New York Times.

But those Essential Health Benefits aren't just on the line for Medicaid enrollees; it's possible that all women in the individual market could lose those protections.

Senate bill: States allowed to change what qualifies as an essential health benefit.

ACA: Planned Parenthood eligible for Medicaid reimbursements, but federal money can not fund abortions.

As with the House measure, the Senate defunds Planned Parenthood for one year.



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