Patty Jenkins is working on a story for Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman No Man's Land

However, when compared to other Hollywood paycheques, especially those of male actors, Gadot's earnings are surprisingly low.

DC was willing to break out the big bucks for the first movie in its current cinematic universe, and shelled out a reported $14 million to Henry Cavill to play Superman in Man of Steel, according to Forbes.

Plus, a source familiar with tentpole-film salary talks told Vanity Fair of that $14 million figure, with or without bonuses or points: "It certainly isn't for one picture". Fans are hoping that they heed their own words moving forward to make Justice League and future DCEU movies as great as Wonder Woman. In fact, other famous actors now playing superheroes made the same amount for their origin story films. As the Daily Dot's Gavia Baker-Whitelaw noted, it's the same amount Chris Evans earned for the first Captain America film and more than some of his fellow Avengers made for their first team-up. So how much did he earn for just one movie - Man of Steel?

They spoke with Variety about what's next for "Wonder Woman", their reaction to the poor reviews for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad", and why there will be more female superheroes and villains in upcoming DC films.

While some have noted Gadot's "entry-level" paycheck was in line with that of a relative newcomer in Hollywood, others are protesting that the Israeli actress is the latest victim of sexism in the film industry. However, the actors in the first Avengers movie earned between $2-6 million after bonuses, with Robert Downey Jr. taking home $50 million.

Gal Gadot should realize her back-end financial powers in a "Wonder Woman" sequel.

"Wonder Woman" arrived in theaters on June 2 and has grossed $275 million domestically and $573.5 million globally so far. Patty Jenkins Is Helping Script "Wonder Woman" Sequel - Is She Returning As Director?

When the inevitable Wonder Woman sequel is announced, it seems Gadot can count on a big raise.

Ben Affleck was granted a major sum to portray Batman and already had a long-established relationship with the studio having just directed the Oscar-winner "Argo" for Warner Bros., but the exact amount hasn't been released.

Gadot has not commented on the rumpus.

Obv $95 million is a lot of money, but once we're in these figures it's really not that huge of a difference, especially when Wonder Woman is still set to make more as it stays in cinemas.



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