North Korea denies torturing US detainee Otto Warmbier

North Korea Calls US President Donald Trump A'Psychopath

North Korea claimed Friday that it doesn't know why American college student Otto Warmbier's health was so poor that after months of imprisonment he ended up dying - and said it even revived him after his "heart was almost stopped". North Korea accepted repeated requests from the present US administration, the spokesman said, and repatriated the student on humanitarian grounds "in consideration of his bad health".

Doctors at the hospital said he had suffered a severe neurological injury from an unknown cause. He said North Korea's treatment of Warmbier demonstrated "a basic disregard for human rights, for human dignity".

The service was held at the 22-year-old's school in OH, before his burial at a nearby cemetery.

"The very bad torturous mistreatment our son experienced at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today", reads a statement issued by Warmbier's family after his death.

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman told ABC News on Friday that he felt like he was at least partially responsible for the release of American student Otto Warmbier, who died on Monday.

Mr Trump tweeted: "While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out".

Some of the proof used against him was purported security footage of him removing a political banner from his hotel. He was released a week later. He added that its efforts to secure Warmbier's release had "never ceased, even in the waning days of the administration". He said he conveyed a message from Kim to President Barack Obama ("I would love him if he can move his ships away a little bit") and hoped to perform the same messaging service between Kim and President Trump.

More than 2,500 family, friends and well-wishers gathered for his funeral in OH on Thursday.

A program for the memorial carried a quote from Andy Bernard, a character on the television show The Office: "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them".

Rodman's agent Chris Volo, who also sat in on the interview, told co-host Michael Strahan that he'd asked for Warmbier's release multiple times while working out the details of Rodman's latest trip with delegates.

"To see a young man go over there healthy and, (after) a minor act of mischief, come home dead basically... this goes beyond any kind of understanding of law and order, of humanity, of responsibility toward any human being", Mattis said.

Otto Frederick Warmbier (C), a University of Virginia student who was detained in North Korea since early January, is taken to North Korea's top court in Pyongyang, North Korea, in this photo released by Kyodo March 16, 2016. "And no excuse for the way they've treated so many others", he said.

"My trips going up to North Korea is more like get to communicate sports-wise".



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