Michael Reagan: I guess Donald Trump was right

House Democratic Caucus leaders say it is time for House Minority Leader Pelosi to step down

The Democrats have been bleeding seats while she's been patting herself on the back, and they don't want to blow what they see as a golden opportunity next year.

"I thrive on competition", Pelosi said on Thursday, defying calls for her ouster from some members of her own party after Democratic candidates lost a hotly contested Congressional race in Georgia and another race in SC earlier in the week, the third and fourth such losses for Democrats in special elections to replace the appointees of President Donald Trump this year.

That would seem to be obvious, as the 5-0 special election sweep for the GOP and Mr. Trump strongly suggest. "We are the party that stands up for working families and the middle class, yet many of them are not voting for us". That, too, is a warning sign.

The veteran San Francisco congresswoman held up her fundraising numbers and track record maneuvering major legislation through the House and declared she was confident she had the support from her colleagues to continue in her post.

And in Atlanta they got behind a candidate who doesn't live in the district and wasn't even able to vote for himself on Tuesday. Though Trump is often a convenient target, they would (and did) crucify any Republican president in office. They just don't know how to make it happen.

"Nancy Pelosi was a great speaker". It's hard to imagine that he really embraced the latter themes, far more likely that he was marketing a message created to attract the most votes.

Trump's foes hoped that a district in Georgia would strike a decisive blow against him. He had a 72 percent approval rating among them in a new CBS poll - down 11 points since April but still nowhere near "run for the exits" territory.

At the same time, Trump's name wasn't on the ballot. The media report deep divisions between the Bernie Sanders wing and the more centrist wing of the party.

Perez said the Democratic candidates in the SC and Kansas special elections also narrowed the gap before discussing the 2018 races to take back the House. The upshot: Democrats did much better in those districts (and in Montana's at-large seat) than they would under normal circumstances.

If presidential popularity can't be automatically transferred down the ballot, why should it be surprising if presidential unpopularity doesn't always transfer down the ballot?

The Democrats tried to frame the Ossoff/Handel race as a referendum on Donald Trump. On the other hand, a message about workers saving thousands of dollars on premiums and employers saving more than $10,000 a year might have intrigued voters. If the Democrats want to build a sense of momentum, they should be shouting victory. Knowing this, they do everything they can to make elections about anything but their policies.

Even more important is that this was just one race, an awfully small sample size for producing huge results.

"Are the Democrats sick of losing yet?"

That's a winning strategy because it should be pretty clear to most voters by 2018, if not already, that Trumpism isn't delivering on its populist promise. The question for Democrats is whether she's a liability who should be replaced.

The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) is a super PAC that took in over $50 million in 2016, with $20 million coming from Republican mega-donors Sheldon and Miriam Adelson.

What if he made the case that beating back the GOP's cold-hearted health insurance bill-which not one state supports-was only possible with Medicare For All?

In races without the national focus and Fort Knox-level spending, energized anti-Trump voters appeared to turn out at far higher rates than dispirited Republicans.



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