Google launching new VR format VR180

Google is launching a new line of cameras for 180-degree VR video

The new format might encourage more filmmakers to delve into virtual reality, since they wouldn't have to pay for expensive systems that do the stitching requires for 360-degree videos, such as those made with Google's Jump system, which uses Yi Halo and GoPro Odyssey hardware.

The VR180 videos however does not stretch all the way around a viewer in a VR video.

Last year, we announced a new sharing feature that lets you share videos right from the YouTube app.

The first batch of the VR180 cameras is expected to arrive this winter, but there's no word on the pricing.

For content creators, there wouldnt be need for any special equipment or editing tools for making VR180 videos. This format delivers 3-D video while capturing 180-degrees around end-users. YouTube just announced VR180 a format that is created to make 3D content a lot easier to access.

Also, displaying the same 4K resolution video in just 180-degrees would make it significantly sharper on both desktop and mobile devices.

"For creators, you'll be able to set up and film your videos the way you normally would with any other camera", Rodriguez said.

Other manufacturers can apply to the VR180 certification program. Z CAM's upcoming 3D180 camera (pictured below) will be VR180 certified. The Daydream VR team of Google is working with three companies now and the first VR180 products are expected to launch by winter this year.

VR creators, viewers and developers can sign up for VR180 updates on the Google VR website.

A redesigned desktop version of YouTube is now being tested in a preview, which includes a Dark Theme option.

The new chat and sharing feature will be landing across Latin America in the next few weeks, followed by the U.S.

Pick a video, then share it with the phone contacts on your device with a message.

Along with this news came the reveal that YouTube is now pulling in 1.5-billion users every month - all of whom watch an average of one hour of content per day on mobile alone. The service, which launched in April in select markets including NY and Los Angeles, will soon be available in 10 new cities, including Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Phoenix.



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