Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Mobile App to Control Your Powerwall

Tesla app update lets Powerwall owners keep an eye on their electricity

To start facilitating its customers, the company has made a decision to launch an updated version of its My Tesla web site and of its mobile app where solar system integration and Powerwall 2 will be added.

Tesla's iOS and Android apps are being updated today to give owners of the company's Powerwall home energy storage product access to information about their in-home electricity grid. Real-time data on solar power generation, battery power flow, and household energy consumption are displayed. The app also has a notification setting that will alert owners of power outages and provide info of current Powerwall status. This will be similar to the ways that Model S and X owners monitor and administer the performance of their cars directly from the app only. The 14 kWh home battery storage unit with built-in inverter allows "time shifting" of electricity generated by solar panels. The wall-mounted pack includes two 14kWh lithium-ion batteries - double the capacity of the previous version - that can power a four-bedroom house for an entire day.

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