Says strategy on N.Korea centers on sanctions, open to talks

N. Korea watchers on why army's big day has taken a backseat

A senior administration official said there have been "some early indications of China doing a better job" enforcing existing United Nations sanctions on North Korea, as well as acknowledging the threat North Korea poses to China's security, giving an impetus to "take this problem on in new ways".

But it certainly reflected the increased American alarm over North Korea's progress in developing a nuclear-tipped missile that could strike the US mainland.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called it "a long and detailed briefing". How imminent is this threat?

"North Korea jeopardizes the stability in Northeast Asia and poses a growing threat to our allies and the US Homeland". Tammy Duckworth told CNN's Anderson Cooper.

"Is this a real briefing or is this another Trump dog-and-pony show?" Is that a fair assessment? "I think the posture of our military is to assume the worst". That he is a very busy guy who can't spend a whole lot of time with the US Senate - even though they did come to the White House to hear from him and his advisers.

"We're going to move very quickly", Royce said.

Trump has chose to pick and choose US actions from a "broad range of options", the senior official said.

I think that without regime change, and I'm not talking about some kind of kinetic activity today or anything else; but the fact is, I think that's what he's heck-bent on developing, because he thinks that's his ticket to life, and I think it's very hard to overcome a situation like that.

The commander of USA forces in the Pacific region gave the assurance on the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System, also known as THAAD, Wednesday during an appearance before the House Armed Services Committee.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham voiced confidence that Trump won't allow North Korea to reach that point.

"I have been to the DMZ and met with Hoosiers stationed there". Now what we need to see is action following this meeting.

"I think the President is sending a signal that this is important", Cornyn said.

The White House has named Randolph "Tex" Alles as the new director of the Secret Service. When he was asked whether the briefing was significant, he said: "I'm not sure".

But he too described the meeting as an effort to get senators versed on the administration's position, in the hopes they would then be effective spokespeople for that policy.

So Gov. Christie was receptive. "Or that we're not hearing about classified material?"

Officials also said on Wednesday they wanted to return the country to the US list of terrorism sponsors.

He emphasised that the meeting plan had been conveyed by Senate leadership and that the White House was serving "as the location". But rarely do you see USA senators used as the scenery the way they were on Wednesday. What would this bill do exactly? On Monday, he ate lunch with a set of foreign ambassadors and dinner with two outspoken foreign policy hawks. It addresses problems with ticket overselling. According to the official, Trump is considering a "broad range of options". And it requires flight crews seeking accommodations to provide more advance notice. Airlines are making record profits right now, and there's just no excuse for what happened on that United flight. But remember, we do have a defense treaty with South Korea.



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