Punjab baby weighs more than 17 kgs at just eight months

Chahat Kumar eight months from India weighs a similar amount to that of a four-year-old

The baby girl's mother reiterated the doctor's claims about the family's financial issues, but assured the media that her daughter's well-being was the important thing to her and her husband, especially after losing another child sometime before Chahat was born.

Doctors have been unable to obtain a blood sample from Chahat because her skin is abnormally thick, the news outlet reported. The family is aware that they should travel outside India to get better medical assistance, but they lack the funds to do that anytime soon.

Eight-month-old Chahat Kumar, a morbidly obese baby girl from Punjab, has left doctors baffled after she started gaining weight at the age of just four months.

From that moment, Kumar said, she started gaining weight "day after day" as both he and the mother Reena Kumar are anxious about their child's insatiable hunger. She cries to go out but her weight is too much, and we are not able to pick her up. "Her weight is increasing day by day".

'It's not our fault. God gave this condition. It's not in our hands. I feel bad when people laugh at her being obese.

Chahat's mother Reena, 21, is anxious about her daughter's health after she lost her first baby in childbirth.

"Before Chahat, we had a son who died, and then [she] was born", she sympathetically shared, "[so] I am concerned about her health [as] we don't want her to have difficulties in the future". I worry about her health. She has to eat less. She is eating all the time. If we don't give her anything to eat, she starts crying.

The family doctor, Vasudev Sharma, confirmed that the difficulty with taking blood samples has made a medical diagnosis very hard.

"But we could not do blood tests because of accumulated fat and because of this, blood tests were not made correctly".

'We have tried it many times.

Her condition is affecting her as it is making it more hard for her to eat and sleep.

Dr Sharma has recommended that the family visit a pediatric specialist at the Civil Hospital in Amritsar, but the family's financial restraints has so far made this impossible.

Dr. Sharma is confident that the weight of Chahat will continue to grow.

She was born with a healthy weight, but over the course of her first eight months of life, she has developed morbid obesity. She should eat less. She eats like a 10-year-old kid'.

And while the family is still looking for answers, her mother hopes for her daughter to have a better future.

"Now, we have a single child only and I don't want to lose her". We do not want her to have problems in the future.



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