Prison Break Season 5 returns after 8 years

Prison Break Episode 3 Wentworth Miller

Or was dead. We don't really know what happened there because the last scene of the finale implied that homeboy was dead, but here we are nearly a decade later with a new "Prison Break" mini-series where Scofield is still alive.

For four seasons, Prison Break captivated viewers with intricate plotting, jaw-dropping cliffhangers, morally corrupt but fascinating characters, and the tantalizing promise of an audacious, successful escape. He was struggling with his own demons and just trying to survive... "Then [we] went and saw the powers that be at Fox and they were on board ... before you knew it, it became greenlit".

A hit series during its original run, it was no surprise that fans embraced the news of a return and flocked to online promos.

Lincoln decides he needs to share the information that T-Bag gave him with Michael's widow, Sara, and heads to NY to find her. Sara now has a new husband, Jacob, and the two are raising Michael's son together. But which side wins out? "I'm like, let's just do this one first and see how it goes".

"We want to pay homage to the legend of Prison Break and making sure that the next season, season six if it indeed ever happens, is worthy of a season six". They send them to you, one at a time, so you have to make your choices, appropriate to that episode, and then you have to make that make sense, as the next episode comes in.

Miller and the rest of the "Prison Break" cast and crew started production for the new season last April.

Michael not being dead was the biggest hurdle for the show to jump over and while later episodes could change my mind on this, one line totally makes it all work. Using his genius mind and massive tattoos that hid the blueprints of the prison and hints of what tools he might need, Michael was able to break out.

Though I am over the moon to see Robert Knepper back as T-Bag in season five, especially with a seemingly new outlook on life.

"The very first thing I shot was meeting Dominic in the prison in Yemen", Miller revealed, referencing the anticipated scene between the two brothers fans will see in Tuesday's premiere.

Q How is it getting back to this character? It is the photograph of Michael in prison and the date on the postage suggests that Michael didn't die when Lincoln and everyone else assumed. At least for now. Of course, writers on the show are going to have to do well to explain exactly why the character is still alive after his grave was shown at the end of season 4 and he was presumed dead for the foreseeable future. He even added that they have to come up with a story that is worth telling since, for them, creative integrity is more important and to arrive at a story that they felt was worthwhile.

Dr. Sara Tancredi, the medical doctor of Fox River Prison, was an integral part of Michael's plan to break out of Fox River. "The question is, 'Who is this guy?' Has he been compromised?"



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