'Prison Break' Creator on Shocking Poseidon Twist: 'All Roads Point to [SPOILER]'

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The show creator Paul Scheuring recently explained why Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) had to go.

You know it's an exciting episode of Prison Break when there's a prison break-out and a prison break-in in the same episode, and that's exactly what happened in "Prisoner's Dilemma".

Is Jacob really Poseidon or a go-between?

Tonight on FOX in the next chapter of their popular drama Prison Break a new Tuesday, April 25, 2017, episode and we have your Prison Break recap below. Is Jacob complicit? "That's clearly the insinuation", Scheuring says. "Jacob sure looks like [he's] Poseidon.' All roads point to him at that point, but like I said, that is not the final understanding of Poseidon or Jacob". The second leads fans to the theory that Jacob serves as a worker for Poseidon and that he has only been using Sara to monitor on Scofield's comeback. "He's coming right back to her". Ramul tells Michael he is going to die. But that's not all because the storyline has more twists to offer.

With Sara armed with potentially damaging intel on her husband, their marriage will become strained - and understandably so. "Is it a misunderstanding?"

"When they booked me, they booked me to do two episodes, so I knew how many episodes it would be". If Poseidon thinks Iran and Russian Federation have too much influence in the Middle East, who better to fight them than an Islamic, radical nut job? The assassins from the previous episodes appear to be waiting there, but that's all we get.

That allowed Michael the time to find a way out, finally, and - ironically - Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) time to find a way in. The next problem that they need to confront is getting out of Yemen alive because there is a bounty on their heads. Unfortunately, the government has fallen and Michael and his allies are left without resources. ISIL is quickly taking over control of the city, and C-Note warns Lincoln that access to the airport may soon be cut off, trapping them all in Yemen. "But it will be before the last episode", Scheuring promised. "Despite the desperation of the situation at the very end, we are in Prison Break and it is a world Where people just barely escape death and sometimes they really die and come back anyway.I sincerely hope that if there is more than Prison Break there will be more Kellerman because it is such a pleasure to Participate in the series". At the episode's conclusion, we learn from a conveniently-placed TV that ISIS has declared war on the Ogiya four, making their escape from the country overall that much more risky. "No one knows if there's going to be more "Prison Break" in general, so while it was disappointing for the character maybe to be dead, it's a cherry on top to even get to go back and do more, so I try not to be too greedy about it".

Fans should know, however, that this episode of Prison Break will run one minute short and start at 9:01 p.m.



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