More than half of Americans approve of Obamacare now

Republican Health Proposal Would Undermine Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

Conservatives dialed up criticism of moderates for standing in the way.

White House officials are also facing swirling political dynamics in the House that they can not necessarily control, despite the relationships some of them have cultivated on Capitol Hill. He has been heavily involved in talks as head of the House Freedom Caucus, a group of that chamber's 30 to 40 most conservative members that blocked a previous plan backed by President Donald Trump and House leadership to replace the ACA. While Southwest Washington residents deserve better health care options at prices they can afford from doctors and providers they like, this particular replacement plan - the American Health Care Act - needed more work to achieve those goals. At this point people understand that the Affordable Care Act was a Democratic piece of legislation but Trump and the GOP legislators got elected by promising to undo it and put a better system in its place.

Many people believe that these mandates are necessary to protect the most vulnerable in our society, especially those with pre-existing conditions. Republicans have repeatedly said they want a plan that will help make premiums affordable for all health care consumers. Their federal government cost is less than half of what it is here. The figure is the same for the nation, and includes people who already have insurance through their employer.

The one thing that so many on all sides of the health care debate seem to want to ignore is a simple but undeniable fact: that health care is consuming an ever-increasing share of the Gross Domestic Product of the United States, and that continuing that trend is simply not sustainable under any reasonable scenario, even in the mid-term, let alone the long-term.

Nonetheless, it is quite obvious to think that the industry is faced with a hard time as the scuffle over the USA healthcare policy is only growing bigger. "There is no doubt that Obamacare as a system is not working very well, but nobody wants to go backward". It has left 2.8 million Americans to the tender mercies of just one insurance company - if that insurer sticks around.

"We entered new markets with the intention of being a part of those markets for a long time to come", Bury said. "That becomes a real challenge". Too many Americans are doing so without being able to access insurance for themselves. Her nonpartisan organization offers policy advice to states.

More recently, the Trump administration has stopped promoting the open-enrollment period for health insurance plans, a move that is now being investigated by the Office of Inspector General in the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Kaiser Family Foundation also asked respondents who is ultimately to blame for any of Obamacare's failures going forward. Some 86% of Democrats and 57% of independents approve it, while 17% of Republicans do. Congress leaves town in days for a two-week recess, when lawmakers could face antagonistic grilling from voters at town hall meetings and the entire GOP drive might lose momentum.

Speaker Ryan and House Republicans would do well to remember this as they continue their negotiations and develop new plans.

But a poll released earlier this week by the Kaiser Family Foundation offered reinforcement for lawmakers reluctant to forge ahead.

House Leadership should have drafted a bill that kept the promises made to the American people in documents like the "Pledge to America", signed by House Republicans in 2010, the "Better Way" drafted by House Leadership in 2016, and the "Contract with the American Voter" issued by Donald Trump as a presidential candidate previous year.



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