Mark Cuban: Adam Silver said Tony Romo contract wouldn't be honored

Another ex-Bronco

Romo, who elected to retire last week and pursue a career in broadcasting - passing on the chance to sign with the Broncos or any other National Football League team that may have coveted his services - will be honored for his career as a Dallas athlete by the Mavericks when they host the Nuggets on Tuesday night. Former Maverick Caron Butler, who shared a spot on the All-Racine County (Wisconsin) boys' basketball team in 1998, told ESPN he believes Romo could have been an NBA player.

Both the Nuggets and Mavericks have already been eliminated from playoff contention, but that doesn't mean Romo will get to actually play in the game.

The 32-49 Mavs have a lotto race on the line; they fell to the Denver Nuggets 109-91 in their final home game on Tuesday night, marking the end to a tough season at home - though a winning one, at 21-20.

NOTES: Tony Romo was introduced as an honorary Maverick at the team's morning shootaround. What, exactly, is going to happen? The NFL rushing leader for the NFC East champs was there in Romo's No. 9 football jersey. Romo says the team reached out to him last week about letting them honor his athletic career in North Texas. "We were faking it and the crowd was loving it". "They were trying to give him a special send off, and mission accomplished in that regard."All the fans here were excited to see Tony and wanted him to get in the game, but obviously I don't think they are allowed to put him in the game". And we are not just talking about a tip of the cap at halftime with a brief highlight video. That goes for football and even all other sports.

Romo isn't expected to play, but the evening at American Airlines Center will include a celebration of his Cowboys' career.

Tony Romo became the talk of the town on Tuesday, spending a day with the Dallas Mavericks.

The 6-2 Romo, who retired after 14 season to join the CBS NFL broadcast team, said he looked "like a turtle" compared to the 7-foot National Basketball Association players. Standing here today I feel a little embarrassed to be honest, that you're lucky enough to be in a position that someone cares enough to do something to honor you. Romo wasn't as fortunate to do it with the Dallas Cowboys, but they forged their relationship through a love of sport and competition. Carlisle said Monday that Romo wouldn't play.

The soon-to-be-37-year-old had the crowd on its feet in the final minute hoping he could play, but Romo wasn't on the roster or under contract. Many experts have a slight feeling that Tony Romo may fetch a call or two next season by a team (or teams) that need a quarterback, and Romo may just answer that call with "I'm on my way!"



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