Independent autopsy completed on Aaron Hernandez

As far as the possibility that Hernandez's conviction could be vacated under MA law, she said that didn't matter to her.

"Undisputed champions of football, but we want to provide the Patriots with the opportunity to become something more", said Sheff.

"I simply made the invitation", he said. The Patriots did not immediately react to his request.

The reporter behind the Newsweek story, Michele McPhee, had previously aired her reporting about Hernandez's bisexuality as a motive for Lloyd's killing on Boston radio station WEEI.

Hernandez's friend Odin Lloyd was killed in July 2013.

"In the interests of justice, the Plaintiff requests an order prohibiting the adjustment, discarding or destruction of evidence related to the circumstances of Aaron Hernandez's death", the lawsuit said. The Daily Mail's website added that he had covered his cell floor with soap, so that he wouldn't be able to gain footing in the event he lost his nerve to hang himself. He said Friday that he wants to be certain that any of Hernandez's assets go to help support Ward.

Even if she wins her civil case, "there's no amount of money in the world that can get Odin back", Ward said.

Lloyd's mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Hernandez.

Hernandez's appellate attorney, John Thompson, told the Boston Globe on Wednesday that he expected to file the appropriate paperwork to make that happen. The former New England Patriots tight end, pictured August 22, 2013, was 27 years old.

A MA state judge on Friday ordered prison officials to preserve any evidence collected from the cell of former National Football League star Aaron Hernandez, according to court documents, two days after he was found dead of an apparent suicide.

Ward said she hopes to use money she receives for a scholarship in Lloyd's name.

Shayanna Jenkins was pictured with her daughter, Avielle, Thursday for the first time after her fiancé, former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez was found hanging in his prison cell Wednesday.

The former University of Florida standout died five days after a jury acquitted him in those two deaths, which prosecutors alleged were precipitated by one of the men accidentally spilling a drink on Hernandez at a Boston nightclub.

Three hand-written notes and a Bible were found, but the district attorney's office did not say what the notes said.



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