Girl found living among monkeys in India 'behaved like an animal'

The girl is reported to have strange marks on her skin and seems to have been living with animals for quite some time

She takes to running around on her arms and legs and eats food directly off the floor with her mouth.

This week news reports from the state of Uttar Pradesh said the girl, aged around eight, found by forest rangers in January living with and acting like a monkey.

According to Chief Medical Officer DK Singh the girl has lived with animals for some times and after months of guidance now she is showing signs of improvement.

"They said the girl was naked and was very comfortable in the company of monkeys", a police officer told the AP. And though there were monkeys in her vicinity, his rangers "never found this girl living with monkeys", he said. The 8 year old girl was rescued from the Katarniyaghat wildlife sanctuary by a forest guard with wounds on her body.

In a story that sounds like it was scripted exclusively for a Disney movie, a girl was recently found living with Monkeys in a forest in India.

Police are now trying to determine how she got into the forest and who her parents are. Doctors say she behave like an animal and shows anger as well as violence and is unable to understand any language. "Initially she was crawling but now she is walking normally-so she hasn't been in the jungle since birth", another official said.

The police officers believe that her family abandoned the girl and she was "adopted" by the monkeys. "We are not allowing visitors because the girl reacts violently if she sees someone". Even the government-run child protection home declined to accept the child, saying it was ill-equipped to handle her.

The Hindustan Times newspaper reported that the girl reluctantly follows instructions of hospital matron M Bhalla and sanitation worker Renu Devi, who have been attending to her since her arrival at the hospital.

However, doctors treating the girl do not think she has been raised by wild monkeys, but believe she is suffering from a psychological condition. But she is unable to communicate and screams whenever anyone goes near her, said officials.

The girl seems to have resemblance with Mowgli, a character in Rudyard Kipling's novel, The Jungle Book.

A child specialist at at the hospital where she has been admitted, Dr Krishnakant Verma, said the girl is completely alone and no one has come forward to claim her.



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