Donald Trump's Approval Rating Continues Its Downward Slide

Donald Trump's Approval Rating Continues Its Downward Slide

There is one group of American voters that still thinks Trump is doing a great job in the White House, the same group that gave Trump most of his support in the November 8 election that sent him to the Oval Office.

Before becoming president, Trump frequently tweeted that climate change was a hoax, often linking his claims, which contradict at least 97 percent of climate scientists, to freak cold-weather events. It has a 2.9 percentage point margin of error. This is up a notch from the previous poll with 39 percent. Their polling reflects other recent data from organizations like Gallup, as Trump seems dead set on sending his party toward a midterm backlash if progressive momentum against the Republican agenda continues all the way to the ballot box in 2018.

Gov. Roy Cooper's job approval rating has increased to 49 percent among residents who responded.

Some key supporters have begun to migrate away from Trump, notably Republicans, independents and white men. Now it has dropped to 41.4 percent, showing that the very people who embraced the idea of Trump as commander-in-chief are beginning to reject him.

Meanwhile, 70 percent of Americans disapprove of how Republicans in Congress are doing, up six points from two weeks ago, and 57 percent disapprove of the Democrats' performance.

A federal judge in Hawaii last month temporarily blocked Trump's travel ban hours before it was due to go into effect.

Trump's initial order created chaos at USA airports as immigration and customs agents initially blocked the entry of all citizens from seven countries, including those who had lived in the United States for years.

"This is typically a red state and people here are generally more conservative than what we found nationally and so they're going to be much more supportive of the Republican president". "They wanted to do better for their family".

U.S. Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis receive approval ratings of 25 and 33 percent respectively. Live interviewers call landlines and cell phones. The exchanges were selected to ensure that each region was represented in proportion to its population.

Bush had a lower rating in last year of his presidency in 2008, but that, "it took eight years, two unpopular wars and a staggering economy to get there", said Tim Malloy, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. There are 906 registered voters.



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