DeMarcus Ware signs contract to retire as a Dallas Cowboy

Fans arrive ahead of the 2017 NFL football draft in Philadelphia Thursday

When Tony Romo got cleared to play again in the field, he was no longer part of the bigger picture in Dallas Cowboys. The likely Ring of Honor inductee will go in "on the first ballot", owner Jerry Jones joked after the press conference.

"They need to come away with a starting quality cornerback".

Virginia Tech QB Jerod Evans made headlines when he surprisingly chose to declare for the 2017 NFL Draft instead of returning to school for his senior season. "You can always have the passion for the game, but your body - having great health after football was more important to me when I started thinking about my little 6-year-old son that's here now and my little 9-year-old daughter", Ware said.

Ware was selected with the 11th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft by the Cowboys, and spent nine seasons with the franchise, before joining the Denver Broncos before the 2014 season.

Ware retires with 138.5 sacks, which is eighth in National Football League history.

DeMarcus Ware retired in March. Prescott thrived in his place, leading the Cowboys to first place in the NFC East and a divisional round playoff game, which they lost to the Packers in thrilling fashion.

Jerry Jones called Ware the "perfect player". Now he's hesitant to declare that the Cowboys would skip an offensive player at the top of their board when they are on the clock. "Yeah, you play for America's Team but you've etched yourself in the star's history and that means something to me".

Speaking about his age, Jones said, "One of the things I don't do is I don't look in mirrors because I think I look like you do".

He also said he is open to teaching/coaching the Cowboys' current pass rushers.

So, the Dallas Cowboys get on the phone and hold the 49ers hostage for two picks.



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