AMD Ryzen 5 1600 & 1400 CPU Review

Let ys know your thoughts on the Ryzen 5 CPUs below.

The AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs are slower than Intel's top quad-core offers, though some models (like the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X can sometimes top AMD's lowered-tier Ryzen 7 CPUs).

The Ryzen 5 1600 is another six-core model which is available at a lesser price of Rs. 15,799. The Ryzen 5 1600X, however, is comparable to the high-end Intel Core i7 processor in terms of speed and performance despite being way less expensive. Like the 1800X, though, the 1600X falls short when single-threaded performance is important. If you're concerned that developers might not bother doing this with older titles, it's nothing to worry about since - as long as your PC is equipped with a decent graphics card, games from a few years back should run smoothly no matter which processor you have: Ryzen 5 or Core i5. The latest generation of AMD® Ryzen™ 5 processors comes packed with up to 6 Core and 12 Threads at 4.0GHz with precision boost, giving you advanced performance at an affordable price. This means enthusiasts will now have cheaper alternatives to Intel's Core i5 CPUs.

Worth mentioning also is that the Ryzen 5 1600X PIB (Processor-in-a-Box) does not come with an included CPU cooler. These could limit your ability to overclock the 1600X and other Ryzen 5 processors, so you would be better off getting a X370 board as we've used for this review.

There are plenty of reviews around and it appears that most sites focused on the flagship Ryzen 5 1600X and the Ryzen 5 1500X SKUs (except for Kyle Bennett at and some other sites). Whereas even something like the competitive Ryzen 7 1700X will be unobtanium for many, the more affordable chips in the 5-series lineup will be what the rest of us can afford. The i5-7600 is 16.7% faster at opening a PDF document than the 1600X, according to Anandtech's review, a difference that will be noticeable to users. "AMD's 1600X also ekes past the Ryzen 7 1700 in Futuremark's DX11 physics test". That gap disappears at a 4K resolution, but that's only because the GPU becomes the bottleneck. However, the different between both of them is the CPU core count.

The AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs are based on the AM4 socket platform and will be compatible with the motherboards that Ryzen 7 CPUs already supports.

Now we have the Ryzen 5 processors.

The Ryzen 5 CPUs we are testing today were purchased online a couple weeks ago.

The 1600X priced at $249 is a no-brainer for users that benefit from more cores.

That's true whether you're looking at the gaming frame rates or the straight CPU performance in the rendering or encoding tests. The hype leading to the launch, the raging debate on the benchmarks and whether it convincingly beats the Intel equivalent, plus the ongoing improvements as AMD rushes to stabilize the firmware and software support for the new chips all led to an exciting new era for PC system builders.

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