Happiest country in the world revealed

2017 Happiness Report Norway The Happiest U.S. Slips To No. 14

The World Happiness Report is an annual report provided by the United Nations (UN) that ranks the levels of happiness across 155 countries.

India ranked near the bottom in the six factors, income, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on in times of trouble, generosity, freedom and trust, that go into ranking, even though one of the metrics, GDP per capita income, has been improving all the time, proving again that money does not beget happiness. Turns out that the cold European countries are the happiest - you'll find majority under top 10.

Right on top of this year's World Happiness Report was Norway who managed to jump into the first position, followed closely by Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland.

The list assesses economic, health and polling data compiled by economists, which are averaged over three years from 2014 to 2016.

Reacting to the news Monday that Norway tops the world happiness rankings, edging out Denmark which was No.1 in the previous report.

The report was released on March 20 by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) for the United Nations on the occasion of the International Happiness Day.

South Sudan, Liberia, Guinea, Togo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, the Central African Republic were at the bottom, along with the conflict-torn Syria and Yemen. The chapter starts with global and regional charts showing the distribution of answers, from roughly 3000 respondents in each of more than 150 countries, to a question asking them to evaluate their current lives on a ladder where 0 represents the worst possible life and ten the best possible. The United States fell to 14th place, continuing its slide down the list in recent years.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the ranking assessed 155 countries by their happiness levels. However, the Republic has been ranked the happiest Asian country since 2015.

"As demonstrated by many countries, this report gives evidence that happiness is a result of creating strong social foundations".

The World Happiness Report released its sixth annual edition on Monday, with the US registering as the 14th happiest country on earth.

World superpower U.S. came at 14th place while 19th spot was occupied to the Great Britain that is bracing to pull out of European Union in it's "Brexit" move.

That's despite the United Nations Human Rights office chastising the country a year ago for "ineffective" measures to reduce homicides, as well as "extrajudicial killings" and "excessive use of force by security officers".

The also report analyzes different countries individually to find changes in their happiness quotient. "I don't know if we can say that we are the happiest people because you also have a lot of depressed people and lonely people but for me, I feel very privileged".

In November we topped the Legatum Institute's Prosperity Index - again - out of 149 countries, and a month before that The World Bank ranked us as the best country in which to do business.



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