Sprint Family cell phone plans with unlimited data

Verizon Unlimited data plan

In the event that you have two lines, the carrier had a $90 a month plan for you, but in the case of a third or any other subsequent line, one would be asked to part with an additional $30 per month.

To avail of the five lines for $90 offer from Sprint, those interested have to first sign-up for the Unlimited Data, Talk and Text plan with the carrier by using AutoPay. That means that you could actually end up saving up to $180 a month if you switch from AT&T to Sprint with this new plan.

Sprint's pricing is competitive, at least until the promotion expires next year, as seen in the chart below. Lines three through four are added for free.

The savings can be had through March 31, 2018, at which point customers pay the additional $10/month for the first line, the second line remains at $40/month and each of lines 3-5 are $30/month - with AutoPay.

Even T-Mobile can't keep up price-wise, as Sprint notes that an unlimited plan for a family of five would be $90 cheaper per month than it would be with the Un-carrier.

"Sprint understands the value of unlimited data to our customers", Customers do more with their phones every day and they want to use them without limits.

The promotional scheme introduced by Sprint is strictly for new subscribers and not existing ones.

Moreover, it is worth noting that AT&T and Verizon are making it costly and hard to subscribe to an unlimited plan.

On top of the taxes and surcharges is a $30 activation fee per line, amounting to a one-time charge of $150 for five lines.

Once you sign up, you'll lock in that discounted rate through March 31, 2018. The second line will cost $40 per month.

Moreover, the carrier asserts that data throttling could occur when there is "congestion".



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