Matt Damon Dresses as Tom Brady for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Sneak Visit

Matt Damon Dresses as Tom Brady for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Sneak Visit

Kimmel welcomed "Tom Brady" on stage, and the athlete ran out fully dressed in his Patriots uniform, complete with helmet.

The host begins to question why he is in fill regalia to which Damon replies: 'I just haven't had time to change.

Fans of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' are all too familiar with the ongoing joke between A-list actor Matt Damon and the show's late night host.

Jimmy Kimmel introduced the five-time champion, warmly welcoming him and congratulating him on his Super Bowl victory.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Damon yells. "If I'm not on the show right now, where am I?" What started as a running gag where Kimmel apologized to his audience for bumping Damon for the show, has escalated into a series of one-upmanship of extreme proportions.

At least now we know who stole Brady's jersey! Ha!

Kimmel informed him that unless he was sitting on the couch, he was not on the show, and Damon was escorted out by security.

Sports reporter Rich Eisen caught up with Damon in the JKL dressing room - which was covered floor-to-ceiling in plastic - as he shook up some celebratory champagne to commemorate his big win. Then, when Damon finally appeared on his show and sat down, Kimmel said it again, and Damon went (fake) ballistic.



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