Kate Middleton asks the Queen to meddle in her affairs

Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge visit to Manchester UK- 14 Oct 2016

Kate also shared that her children, 3-year-old George and 19-month-old Charlotte, love to "run around in different directions all the time".

Play specialist Rachel Turner, who was running the session, said afterwards: "I was worrying about not getting paint on her because Isabella, bless her, is very vigorous with the paint and the glitter".

Kate's visit gave her the chance to see the hospice and meet its staff before it is replaced by The Nook - a purpose-built facility which will allow EACH to provide more services like a hydro-pool for the children with life-threatening conditions. She sat down with Kate during the art therapy session, prompting giggles from the Duchess as she excitedly tipped an entire pot of pink glitter onto her picture. Mother Micala Benton says that Kate spoke to her 4-year-old daughter Daisy and told her what like was like as a princess.

Kate, 35, told the girl, Daisy Benton, at a children's hospice center near Kate's Anmer Hall home, she was "very well looked after by her husband", Prince William.

"She's good at putting people at ease and hear their stories". And while we have always liked to imagine there is a retinue of small animated animals and birds that helps Kate to get ready each morning, her public-facing persona is in fact pretty low-key: there is not much about her that shouts, "I am a princess; make way". There are no airs and graces, she is totally natural. "She is a genuine, caring woman".

When Kate saw some toy dinosaurs on a shelf she said, in an apparent reference to three-year-old Prince George: "I can see that would go down well with someone I know".

People magazine shares that when Kate arrived at the hospice, a little girl offered her a bouquet of flowers, partly in remembrance of a child who died previous year.

Finnbar Cork was diagnosed with a brain tumour in March past year after suffering dizzy spells and unsteadiness and died five months later after his condition deteriorated. Will she get a selfie with Meryl Streep? She made a point of crouching when she was talking with children so she was at eye level, and she sat with the bereaved family.

Kate Middleton has come a long way from commoner to Duchess of Cambridge. "The behavior of Kate has similarities to that of Diana at the time and it does not please the Queen" What do you think of Kate's behavior?



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