Dodge's insane Challenger Demon will have record-setting drag spec production tires

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Now comes a bit more information that seems to confirm the SRT Demon will be a ferocious drag-racing, well, demon.

Demon-stamped Nitto tires are the fattest front rubber shoes ever fitted to a production vehicle, and the front and rear tires on the Demon will be the same width, so you can hot-swap them as needed between drag runs.

Dodge is promoting the teaser campaign on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media pages, directing fans to and encouraging them to use the hashtag #DodgeDemon.

The mystery will be solved soon enough, though, as Dodge continues its weekly Demon tease leading up to the New York International Auto Show in April, but it's not the only one. The NT05Rs for the Demon are designed and developed just for Dodge, and there's even a little Demon logo on the sidewalls. Don't be surprised when the Demon shows up in the new Fate of the Furious movie.

Dodge posted a new tire-spinning and adrenaline-filled clip that'll get any car-head psyched for the big unveil. According to Dodge, the wheels measure 18x11 inches, and they are the same front and rear.

In order to house these very big tires, Dodge was required to design the Demon to be quite a bit wider.

Dodge also confirmed the Demon will feature integrated fender flares that will add 3.5-inches in width on each side. Its chassis was also e-coated, "for durability" before final assembly, but honestly, who cares about the chassis when the Demon looks this mean.



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